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Dye Candy is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated hair salon, who wanted to create a brand that invited people of all different strokes to come and get pampered. While they wanted to maintain a feel of luxury, they still wanted to be approachable, inclusive and have a safe space. Their branding needed to be fun and vibrant, but have a nod to simplicity for the high-end, modern feel.


This project was immediately right up our alley. We had a lot of fun, and felt our passion as we built this identity. We created something simple, yet with a flair as the name itself is very kitschy and vibrant. We created a brand that reflected the goals of the client, and they were none short of impressed!


Working with these girls was amazing. Natasha was amazing at explaining things, keeping to a time line, and delivering abundant information and ideas. She was able to understand my insane ramblings of a idea and turn it in to a real concept completely embracing my vision. She exceeded all of my expectations with not only her design ability but her willingness to explain every step of the way and provide information to me in a way I was able to understand. Can't say enough great things about her and Badgirl Branding. She really was able to understand me, my business and my needs. Highly recommend for any of your digital needs! You can't go wrong!




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